Spring is here. Furthermore, you’ve finally arranged a last minute weekend in the sun. (Then again if it’s not already the case, you ought to appreciate the public holidays in April.) You really deserve it! You survived the never-ending winter and you worked hard for days. Isn’t that right? You really need your shot of vitamin D. But now another chore is expected of you. And because we are very nice, we decided to help you with the packing burden and make you look like a million dollars even without a suit. Save your strength for making the most out of every moment.

valiseWith any luck, you’ll find the sun during your holidays. First of all don’t take too much things. To keep it simple, use suitably sized luggage. We know, when we see space somewhere we always want to fill it. Now, relax, keep calm, and read these precious recommendations:
First, forget about dark clothes. Too many guys are still wearing black or brown clothes under the sun, which is not only a style mistake but doesn’t make sense. It attracts mosquitoes (yes, we assure you get-mosquito- bites.htm) and makes you burn under the sun. And believe me it doesn’t make you look your best. Wear bright colours!

1. Swimsuit

We place it first on the list because all in all it’s the thing you shouldn’t forget. It will be your holiday suit. Please, take one, that’s not too long (the surfer look has been over for 10 years) and not too short. Ideally take 2.

maillot de bain







2. Sunglasses

Yes baby! It’s for sure the best accessory, the “must-have” of your holiday.

But be careful, because like hats, they can make you look great by accenting and emphasizing the natural symmetry of your face, or highlighting your absolutely worst features. Chose a pair that protects your eyes with a correct level of protection against UV and one that fits the shape of your face (the basics!)








3.One or two pairs of shorts

Choose a bright one. Like the swimsuit, don’t take one that’s too long. We want to see your sexy knees, gentlemen! Please don’t take shorts with pockets on the side. Even though you probably find them very convenient, shorts with pockets are cheesy. (Sorry!)







4. A well-cut chino

Day or night, wear it with a shirt. It will be the perfect casual outfit.







5. One shirt

Go green! White, blue, in Egyptian cotton or in linen. Also take a denim shirt if you still have space in your bag.











6. Two items to keep you warm.

Even if predicted temperatures are around 40 degrees, you never can tell. It’s not the time to have runny noses; it could ruin your date. Nights can be cooler and it is always cold in airplanes or trains. A zip-up cotton hoodie and a cardigan would be perfect.








7 Flip-flops, espadrilles, Rivieras

Forget socks in high temperatures, and if you are too shy to show your toes, you can choose an elegant pair of espadrilles, Rivieras or sleepers.







8. T-shirts or polo

If you don’t have the body of Matthew Mc Conaughey or if you have hair on your shoulders, forget the tank top and go for t-shirts or polos. Please don’t wear the overlarge nerd t-shirts you use to wear in high school, also ditch all the t-shirts with ad messages. Choose some t-shirts that fit you,  V-necks or a classic one.

nylon or cotton










9. A belt in leather or in another texture like nylon or cotton.

It really finishes an outfit.








Don’t forget your underwear of course…(up to you, as long as it’s stylish!)