Behind this strange name, which definitely sounds French (frog’s leg, yes yes), you’ll find a fun andcoolbrand that is a hit in France – the kind of brand that makes you effortlessly stylish.

Cuisse de Grenouille (Pronounced « Kweece Duh Grenwee ») was created in 2010 by two brothers Severin and Lucas Bonnichon, both fans of the gentleman surfer’s look from the 60’s.

They have taken inspiration from this period and added a bit of freshness. At the very beginning they initially created boardshorts, which began as iconic products of the collection. Season after season they have fashioned a total look of “Cuisse de Grenouille”.

Another iconic product is the “Surf in” t-shirt or sweat-shirt that you have probably already seen in many different cities of the world.

_mg_8383Cuisse de Grenouille offers every timeless basic a gentleman should have in his wardrobe for a casual but elegant look.

The cool spirit of the brand associated with surfing and holidays is present in each of the items of the collections designed by the 2 brothers.

We appreciate the special care given to the choice of high quality fabrics. They create clothing built to last. Textures, materials, styles and cuts are superb.

As you may now understand, we really like the Cuisse de Grenouille’s universe.  For us, it is the perfect mix between cool chic and fun.

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