See concept was created by 3 childhood friends, Quentin Couturier, Charles Brun and Xavier Aguera.

In 2007, at 21 years old, they created their first prototype of glasses.

Their analysis: presbyopia is very common and presbyopic people are always looking for their glasses. So they created a prototype of the first “self-service” reading glasses!

The three friends pursued their studies and the story continued in 2010 when they won the “innovation & entrepreneurship” prize from the famous ESCP business school.




Thanks to the prize, they launched their company and were able to product the first self-service reading glasses. The success was immediate and they sold their glasses to the bank & insurance companies.




In 2013, they continued to revolutionize the world of the reading glasses. They created Let Me See glasses, a fashionable range of 18 « unmissable » designs of colorful and accessible glasses!



In 2014, they launched the SUN range.

The results are superb. Innovative glasses with colorful designs at an affordable price.


They wanted to become the “swatch of the vision”. It’s a success!

The only issue will be to choose your color!

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