Let’s introduce Frenchaholic, a new, dynamic and very French brand.

Frenchaholic was created in 2016 between Paris and Hong Kong by Vincent, an aesthete French entrepreneur passionate by the French savoir-faire. From T-shirts to sweatshirts or polos, the collection is composed of timeless basics that can make everyone look gorgeous. Simple but perfectly made.

At Frenchaholic there’s an obsession with the perfect cut for each piece, the quest for the best fabrics.

To this end, they have selected the best workshops in France (cocoricooo) that meet the specifications and quality of luxury brands.

Each very detail of each piece of the collection has been thoroughly assessed. For their garments they only use natural horn buttons made only for them. This feature is their brand signature in line with their eco responsible values.

They create clothing built to last. Textures, materials, styles and cuts are superb.So, if you are one of those that is always looking for
the perfect basic, you can consider that your search is now over!

At Merci Dandy we do love simple and easy wearing clothes but trust us it is noteasy to find.
We are definitely frenchaholic and we are sure that you will be hooked as well!

Available on mercidandy.com