Bellerose is a Belgian prêt-a-porter brand in the accessible luxury segment, originally created by Patrick Van Heurck in 1989.

Bellerose started out by distributing a range of men’s shirts and later on opened its first store in Knokke (by the Belgian coast) in 1991.

More stores in several notable Belgian cities follow during the 90’s, allowing the brand to grow on the Belgian market and in the rest of Europe thanks to their wholesale activities.

A first women’s collection was released in 1998, followed by a kids’ line in 2002 and the opening of a first flagship store. As of 2008, the men’s and women’s collections take on a more mature, refined style, evolving from sportswear to casual and accessible luxury.

From Tokyo all the way to Stockholm, while passing through Brooklyn,New York; Bellerose is always curious and always on the lookout, without limiting themselves to one particular style.They prefer mixing and matching over purism. As the saying goes: old, new, borrowed and blue. What ties everything together is authenticity, craftsmanship and the passion that comes with it..

When it comes to the men’s collection one of their biggest and most important inspirations has always been (and will continue to be) workwear. The details inherent to classic workwear can be found all over Bellerose’s men’s garments. Whether it’s military uniforms, worker jackets or sailor sweaters, the specific style, touch and feel of these ar- ticles have been part of the brand’sheritage since day one.


Bellerose simply loves details. There’s a true culture of details in the whole company, starting with the designers all the way to the opening of new stores.. Bellerose is convinced that details alone make a huge difference and should never be neglected.

Because whether you start working there or you simply walk through the doors of one of their stores to discover the brand: It’s too late to turn back, you’re already part of the extended family.And that is is the way the brand’s been from the start.

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