Always looking for the perfect dress shoes that do not cost an arm and a leg here in Hong Kong?

Let’s introduce you Barre-Brunel Footwear

Exquisite craft

Barre & Brunel Footwear is about beautiful material, craft and art.

Barre & Brunel footwear is the closest it gets to genuine handmade shoes. The leather is selected from the best tanneries and all shoes are made in Spain respecting years of tradition. Barre & Brunel shoes are Goodyear welted to ensure their durability.

This makes Barre & Brunel Footwear your partner for life.

A unique piece of art

The patina is at the heart of Barre & Brunel Footwear. Etienne Brunel dedicates his handwork to the art of patina. All patina shoes are hand painted by request based on the owner’s request. This ensure the uniqueness of each pair.

Wearing Barre & Brunel shoes is an entire art de vivre. Barre & Brunel will accompany you everywhere you go, for years.

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