For some weeks now you might have found in your Merci Dandy Box, the perfect chino pants, thanks to Le Pantalon. This French brand freshly arrived in our selection, is specialised in everyday men clothes, for work and week end, from Monday to Sunday.

What’s the story?

They are trying to create the perfect trousers, offering you the ideal cut, made from very high quality material and in many colours. They have selected textiles among the best, and only from European factories: Spanish and Italian denim, Vitale Barberis Canonico whool, Spanish leather…. Each model is designed, prototyped, and adjusted to match perfectly with your needs.

The perfect match:

Their Chinos present in your Merci Dandy Box, are semi slim, that means adjusted but not tight, and can be wear with every type of shoes: moccasins, sneakers of even without shoes 😉 As you might understand, there is plenty of perfect match for week end in Hong Kong or business weeks!

We’ve selected this brand because of its quality, their European fabrics and as always for its French style! To be honest, even Alice our style advisor would like to wear it if she could.

Merci Dandy is the only distributor of Le Pantalon in Hong Kong, and it’s already a large success!