Starting from right now, you will find Native Union accessories in your Merci Dandy Box. Native Union is an award-winning product design company bringing a unique and sophisticated perspective to the mobile accessories market.


It creates premium tech accessories by combining the finest materials with a modern craft for the discerning global individual. It’s commitment to quality extends beyond the materials and processes used in the development and manufacturing of our products. They stand behind the enduring quality of their products and their cables will stand the test of time and normal use.

Native Union design focuses on 3 main pillars: enhancing user experiences, innovation through design and a dedication to using the highest quality materials.

At Merci Dandy, we are very excited to begin working with Native Union. From now on all Merci Dandy Box will come with some Native Union’s products. It is a must have for all you Dandys out there.

Wanna discover Native Union in your next Merci Dandy Box? ask your style advisor here