Chinos are the most versatile piece any man can own in their wardrobe. It is an easily wearable piece and you can choose to either dress it up or down. Today we are going to show you how to wear different colours of chinos and give you some suggestion on how to pair them with different items of clothing.


The easiest way to add colour to an outfit without treading too far from your safe zone. Green coloured chinos work very well with some shades of grey and white as well as more earthy tones colour.


Pastel coloured chinos can really lighten up an outfit by adding colours. It can be a summer staple and is best to pair it up with a basic white T-shirt for a smart casual look. Try to avoid wearing light colours when wearing pastel chinos as it can clash and be too matchy. Try to find a colour that can complement the bottom.


As navy chino, probably one of the easiest colour to wear as it can work nicely in both a casual or formal outfit. It works best with other neutral colours such as navy blue, dark grey or black. Try to avoid wearing it with bright colours as they can clash.


Perhaps one of the hardest colour to wear but when it is pulled off right it can look amazing. It tends to look best when worn casually and should be paired with a complementary colour with a neutral colour palette. When worn correctly it can help you to stand out and look good at the same time.

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