The Hong Kong junk season is on! Before embracing the best part of Hong Kong’s summer, check that you have these essentials with you!

1. Sunscreen. Please use it…even if it’s cloudy (clouds don’t filter UV)! Remember the sun is your enemy. I’m sure you don’t want to be as red as a lobster in front of all the sexy girls on board!

2. Sunglasses. (it goes without saying!)

3. Board shorts. Wear a bright pair and not too long, please; the surfer look was over ten years ago.

4. A T-shirt or polo in cotton for sure. A basic one and a bright colour!

5. Shoes. If you have a pair of boat shoes it’s time to take them out, flip flops or my favourite Rivieras or espadrilles. Actually, you’ll be barefoot on the deck most of the time (so choose one that can match your outfit but are easy to take off)

6. Take a long sleeve t-shirt or ideally a denim shirt, in case of it’s windy or rainy. Weather changes fast in Hong Kong.

7. Pills in case you feel seasick or if you overindulge in « l’apero »
Remember if you don’t feel well, focus your attention on the horizon.

8. A towel (of course!)

9. Cellphone or your camera for memorable pictures.

And most importantly: Have fun!