Pottinger Street is also known as the Stone Slabs Street. Here you can not only find granite stone steps but also discover Hong Kong first urban barbershop, the Selvedge Barbers.

Established in 2014, Selvedge Barbers, formerly known as Era Barbers, focuses on delivering traditional barbering services – from sick fades to cut-throat wet shaves, with (optional) contemporary twist. To render a memorable experience to every client, each service provided by Selvedge Barbers is tailored according to the clients’ face shape, hair type, lifestyle and preference. 

To learn more about this amazing place, check out their answers to the questions we ask

Why choose to start this barbershop business here? 

We noticed a gap in the market for a neutral barbershop that wasn’t about the bells and whistles, but more about the quality grooming, consistent customer service and friendly team. We wanted to create an environment that was cool enough to ensure modernity, and priced well enough to encourage frequency from our customers.

What are the main differences between the traditional barbershop and the urban barbershop in Hong Kong? 

A traditional barbershop is more uniformed and has less variety and diversity in its work and environment. An Urban barbershop is street level in every way and offers expert-tailored barbering in an urban setting. 

Who is your customer? Can you tell us more about your customer?  

Our customer is quite varied. As our team is a great mix of local and international, our barbers attract a like-minded clientele. English is our first language, so as a result, we attract a high percentage of expat customers, although as our price point is competitive, we also attract a healthy percentage of local customers. Our customers are also a mix of creative enterprise and conservatives, which truly indicates the variety in our work. 

What kind of experience and service can we expect at Selvedge Barbers? 

Upon entering our shop every client is greeted with a friendly smile and will experience great customer service in a relaxed environment. They will instantly feel a sense of belonging. Every service, whether it be haircut, beard or shave is treated as a new beginning, always focusing on a thorough consultation to ensure our clients expectations are met. 

At Merci Dandy we are found of the place and the philosophy. If you need a barber or haircut they’ll get you covered.

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